Climate Politics radio broadcast 4.26.19

(Climate Politics is broadcast on the second and fourth Fridays of each month on KFCF 88.1FM in Fresno. ) LISTEN HERE ON SOUNDCLOUD to the April 26, 2019 show.

INTRODUCTION: Good afternoon and welcome to a special edition Climate Politics. This show is dedicated to the premise that if we hope to avoid climate change’s worst impacts, then we need to fix our political climate, from Fresno to D.C. and everyplace in between.

Rev. B.T. Lewis, Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, Fresno

And it’s impossible in this country, and certainly this town and valley, to discuss our politics without grounding them in the context of the systemic racism that has shaped every institution, policy, and practice in both the public and private sector.

But, to paraphrase the advice of former First Lady Michelle Obama, let’s focus on what we CAN control — in this case our local politics and politicians and how we hold them accountable.

Too many of our elected officials or their staff or appointees to boards and commissions are taking their cue from the unabashed racist occupying the White House.

So today we’re going to listen to some short recordings of them in action in the public sphere: City of Fresno economic developer Larry Westerlund, Fresno Unified School Board Trustee Terry Slatic, Fresno County Housing Authority Commissioner Terra Brusseau, and Fresno County Supervisor Steve Brandau.

Yes, we could add a few more, such as city councilman Barry Bredefeld or supervisor Buddy Mendes. All white, all Republican, all trouble.

Most seem unaware of their own prejudices, others appear to revel in them. But we must all push back against this ugly tide as it surges in these dark times.

Fortunately, we have a light — a very bright light — in this local struggle with us here today and to take your calls and comments, Rev. B.T. Lewis of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church in West Fresno.

–Kevin Hall, host

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